Saturday, April 11, 2015

Assemblymember Tony Thurmond - Democrat - 15th District

I had a really nice talk with two of Senator Tony Thurmond's aides earlier today. Both Abel and Brett were open to discussion and my comments. I spoke longer with Brett because Abel had to take another call. They both said that while Senator Thurmond had not decided one way or another he was definitely researching the bill and the subject of vaccines and mandates. Brett made it clear that he personally was against mandated vaccinations and agreed with all of my concerns. He did say that they have been contacted by both sides. I asked to be notified when Senator Thurmond takes a position and he said that everyone who calls and leaves their information will be updated. He said that emails were printed out and considered to be the same as mailed letters and gave me his name and email address. Sen. Thurmond is concerned about our environment (chemicals) and about poorer areas being in more toxic environments. This could be a talking point with regard to vaccines as well. I brought that up with Brett.

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